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The Heart of Magnus Auction Group

Shelby Bond

3rd Generation Auctioneer


Stacy Bond

Head Honcho

Rooted in the
Auction Industry

Beyond business partners, we're a dynamic mother-daughter duo, each contributing a unique perspective to this company. One being a proud torchbearer of a family tradition that spans three generations of auctioneers, and the other, a seasoned professional whose life has been intricately woven into the fabric of the auction industry.

Working hand in hand feels like a natural dance, a seamless continuation of the closeness we've always cherished. Understanding the needs of people is ingrained in our family roots, allowing us to continue to build trust and meaningful connections with our buyer and sellers. Together, we offer not just auctions but a reflection of our generational dedication to the art, where auctions are more than transactions; they're the vibrant chapters of our shared narrative.

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